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When working to restore your health or to prevent disease, the most powerful tool we have is YOU! By that I mean your attitude and willingness to take control of our health.

Information is then the second most powerful tool we have. This information comes from you, but also from testing that we will order. All these are directly related to nutrition. They are invaluable in assessing your nutrient status, food sensitivities, and epigenetics.

There are times when, working with your physician, I may recommend other diagnostic tests. These tests are used to help us determine how certain nutrients are working, or not working, in your body.

You may wonder what types of tests are commonly recommended, and why. Below is a brief summary of regularly recommended tests and their purpose. I am also including links so you can get more information about these tests, if you desire.

DNA Genetic Testing

I have had my clients use genetic testing for years: this is a powerhouse of tests. With it, we can determine where your body can use some extra support, and what you might be ingesting that could be the cause of your symptoms. Even things that are “healthy” for some can be “poison” for another. This test can save you a lot of trial and error with an elimination diet!

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

There is a new test that will be available very soon. This new test gives us so much more information than the test I used to recommend–almost double! Because of that I am holding off ordering any more DNA tests until the new kits arrive.  I am so excited. I am kind of a data geek, but also because more data means we will have more ammunition to improve your health!

A Little Background about this Test

Our bodies have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Our chromosomes are made of DNA, so testing our chromosomes can give us a wide range of information.

Testing your genetics provides you with a lot of raw data. This won’t mean much to you at first–but when I am finished with it, you will have the knowledge to improve your health, specifically based on YOU, not anyone else.  I take the raw data and run it through an analytical program. This tells me more about you on a biochemical level, allowing us to tailor make a nutritional program that fits you precisely.


Specifically, this test provides a great deal of information about critical metabolic pathways in the body.  All of these pathways are fueled by micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Unlike some tests, like those for cholesterol or blood sugar, this is one test you never need to repeat. That is because your genes never change.

The information provided by this test is absolutely critical to achieving optimal health. By utilizing the data from this test we can get you better results, faster, because we have a more complete picture of your unique makeup.

SpectraCell Micronutrient Test

The SpectraCell Nicronutrient Test tells us what is happening inside the cell where the nutrients are put to work.  It measures the function of 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids within our white blood cells.

SpectraCell Micronutrient Test image

The reason we want to measure the results inside the cells is because it is possible to have normal, or even high, levels of nutrients in red blood cells or in the serum, but those nutrients aren’t getting into the cell.  It is also possible to see nutrients in the cell, but be low in the serum.

Both scenarios tell us very specific things about your health. Long before disease is diagnosed, symptoms can start developing because the optimum level of nutrients are not being delivered to the appropriate cells.

These tests can help us identify deficiencies even before you develop symptoms. That allows us to head off trouble early, boost our immune system now, and head off some chronic disease rather than working to cure it later.

Alcat Test

Using a small blood sample this test uncovers food and chemical sensitivities.

blood samples for testing

A sensitivity is not the same as an allergy. Allergies create a reaction that triggers the release of antibodies, and you feel or see the result right away. Sensitivities generally have a more delayed response. They may result in digestive issues and also can lead to chronic inflammation.

This test reveals the lymphocyte response to over 450 foods and substances we ingest or breathe in.

The results can show us how inflammation is fueled in the body.  Inflammation is the beginning of various diseases including, but not limited to: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, arthritis, migraines, Type II diabetes, obesity, fatigue.

Removing the inflammation can reverse the disease process.

Alcat also offers a thorough gluten sensitivity and celiac test.  Knowing for certain if you have a sensitivity to gluten is important before removing it entirely from the diet. Some people mistakenly believe they have an intolerance to gluten, and eliminate it from their diet unnecessarily, which can actually cause health problems down the road.

Other Tests:

Other nutrient oriented tests that may be recommended are methylmalonic acid, methyl folate, vitamin D, Organix and Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis from Genova Labs.

Additional tests may be recommended as needed to address your specific health challenges.  These tests are run in association with your current medical provider.  If your provider is unwilling to partner with you in gaining this information, I will make a recommendation to other providers who understand the value of testing.

Remember, information is power.

Frequently Asked Questions About Genomics and Genetic Testing

Q: Are the tests covered by my health insurance?

A: Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of these tests.

Q: Will this nutritional and genetic testing affect my ability to get insurance in the future, or cause my rates to go up?

A: The results of these tests are private. They are not provided to your insurance company or your employer, or to any medical database.

Q: Will having these tests done affect my ability to get a job, or keep my current health plan through my employer?

A: Again, the results of these tests are private. Your employer will not know the results.

Keep in mind that these tests are about nutrition and how that affects your body. Armed with this information we can work together to improve your health, reduce your pain, and increase your energy level. All of these things will work together to make your life better, both at home and on the job.

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