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What is Fibromyalgia?

No, Fibromyalgia is not all in your head. It is real.
Fibro is actually a pretty common albeit complex chronic pain disorder.

The main symptoms are wide spread pain and tenderness, which may come and go, increase and decrease at various times.

Although it may not be constant, it is chronic, and affects people both mentally and socially as well as physically. Mostly found in women, 2-4% of Americans have Fibromyalgia. Anyone, at any age can experience fibro, and the symptoms can vary greatly from person to person.

These are some of the reasons (or excuses) as to why Fibromyalgia was not taken seriously for a long time.

You can learn more about Fibro at the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association’s website.


Recovery from Fibromyalgia is possible with the right information.  One big part of that is knowing how your body responds to various foods.  You can start by keeping a detailed food log or diary. I suggest you write down everything that you eat and drink and when. Also write down how you feel. By keeping detailed notes you may begin to notice a pattern that will help you to eliminate or increase your intake of certain foods and beverages.

We can also conduct tests to see if you have genetic weaknesses regarding certain consumable items, but the bottom line is really how do they make you feel.

The really great news is that, with tracking and determination, you can take control of your life and greatly reduce your pain. You can feel like YOU again!


There is a growing body of research supporting the notion that recovery from Fibromyalgia is made possible by training sufferers in various mind body techniques.  We recently had Angela Clark,, share with us a technique called “tapping.”  Tapping has been shown to help rewire the brain and is effective is reducing pain and depression.  I encourage you to explore tapping as a tool to help you address your pain today.

Click to watch this video, where Angela walks you through a simple tapping session.  If you want coaching with Angela to create a unique tapping protocol for you, reach out to her through her website listed above.

Stay tuned for additional resources to help you manage your fibromyalgia symptoms and live the full and happy life you deserve!

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